About Us

PLAYSTATIONPRIME® is a More Tones Incorporated® company. Established in 2006, our connections in the wholesale electronics market  all over the world are long withstanding and healthy. Based out of North Orange County in Southern California, we have many local connections with major distributors with different brands such as EVGA, ASUS, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and many many more. For more details about our wholesale connections, feel free to contact us at [email protected].


As a third-party seller, we want to be able to offer the best service and order fulfillment  along with competitive pricing. Please contact [email protected] for any price matching inquiries.


We offer FREE UPS Second-Day® shipping on all of our orders to compete with premium accounts available from other retail/third-party seller marketplaces.  


We run by a small team of passionate gamers, who are focused on providing quality customer service and the best prices. We specialize in delivering new and pre-owned games, dvds & Blu-rays at the best prices we can find them on the web!  Everyone at PlayStation Prime Store, both our company and our customers, believe that we can provide an unparalleled shopping experience. Because of this belief, we have created a community where brand new customers can gain the trust of more experienced members and create a unique place for everyone to get together and bond over the love of games, movies and anime.


Our store is a video game retailer that offers all the latest video game releases and entertainment products. PlayStation Prime Store – where you can find all the latest games, films, TV and music. With this PlayStation Prime Store you can buy games and watch films in high definition so enjoy better than ever before.